How Did It Happen?


How did it happen, happen to me

The T.V., a bucket and nothing for tea

Always making plans, always meaning to go

But one more drink and I would never show

The shaking started and the sickness too

The devil was calling, I knew what to do

My trembling hands poured another drink,

‘I need this now’, I didn’t want to think

I had decided to die and this was the way

To drink a litre and get rid of the day

Then an idea came quite out of the blue

To try to get better, for once me to be true

So that’s what I’m doing and I need to stay strong

The life I lived was so very wrong

So I will read this every morning and remember my path

To a life without drink, but not without laugh

Count my blessings, they get larger each day

Sobriety and the steps are the only way

I have a second chance, I won’t blow it away

My aim is to stay sober……….

‘Just for today’

Janet Service User