Every Journey Starts With That First Step

Ark House Rehab’s Services


Our lectures provide a source of information to help build a foundation in understanding addiction and our self in this process. We feel that this is an important phase of the recovery programme as this understanding often provides a safe and strong therapeutic grounding for people to build from. Our experience shows that clients experience greater security and become more motivated as they understand more about addiction in relation to self.

Group Therapy

The drug strategy refers to a person’s capital. We use the therapeutic group sessions for people to interact and learn more about themselves in relation to their capital. We talk about their available support and the various blocks to accessing this. We explore presenting and frequent themes and the impact their lifestyles have had as well as many other topics. Due to the impact the addiction lifestyle has had on many people’s social life and social skills we feel the group therapy is a therapeutic space to reintegrate social skills, learn and rebuild boundaries as well as encouraging personal emotional responsibility.

1/1 Therapy Sessions

Every client who enters Ark house will be assigned a therapists on arrival. The sessions are flexible to meet the needs of the person as they proceed through treatment. The therapists will have at least one session per week lasting an hour and a half and more if requested or their therapist believes it is required. The therapy sessions are used as a space for the person to address more personal issues that present whilst in treatment. All of therapists at ark house have their own experience with addiction. When leaving treatment everyone has access to their therapist for future support. We feel that the therapeutic sessions can be a starting place to challenge shame and build a healthy self esteem.


Admission Procedure

When contact is made with Ark House and a service user seeking treatment for alcohol or drug dependency, an evaluation and assessment is performed at Ark House (In a lot of cases the request for help comes from an alcohol or drug agency in which case there is already a thorough review done regarding service users motivation, suitability and all other relative information).The assessment establishes the need for the service and the extent of the service to be given. Then it is up to the service user to decide whether he/she would like to come to Ark House. The service user also gets to meet other service users and to ask questions.

The following information should be considered; Name, address, telephone number, date of birth, sex, sources of referral, present problems, drug or alcohol abuse history, psychological and physical health history, and any relevant information which will assist I formulating an initial assessment of the service user.

Any male/female alcoholic/drug user who shows the motivation to recover from this disease is eligible for admission to the residential program of Ark House.


The service user must be 18 years or older.

He or she must be physically and mentally capable of absorbing and participating in regular activities of the residential facility.

Successful completion of the Ark House program is primarily the responsibility of the Service User seeking our services.


Primary Care

• Accommodation
• Full board
• Individual dietary needs
• 24/7 Care
(Minimum 2 staff members)
• Morning lectures
• Afternoon groups
• 1/1 counselling
(As much as required)
• Video and audiotapes
• Overseeing of therapeutic duties
• Recreational activities
• Transport to and from AA/NA meetings
• Assistance with outside issues
• Transport and booking for dentist and doctor.
• Debt Counselling
• Help with benefits


Extended Living

• Accommodation
• Full board.
• Morning groups structured around coping/relapse prevention.
• 1/1 counseling on specific needs
• Afternoons dedicated to looking at outside issues including, college courses, housing, life skills, I T training cookery etc
• Voluntary work and looking to future job seeking
• Activities and outside AA/NA meetings encouraged and helped with.
• Support in establishing a social life
• Local Gyms and swimming pools available for therapeutic exercise.
• Referral through to volunteer services
• Re-housing options
• Help with Training & Further Education



• Full aftercare service weekly
• Contact with counselor after treatment.
• 24 hour telephone support
• Internet services, chat and email
• Daycare for service users relocating to Scarborough
• Dry Houses available for relocation