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Rehab Grads

RehabGrads is an organisation of men and women who have graduated from residential rehabilitation centre’s. Their members have successfully completed prolonged and extensive treatment programs and are now living in full abstinent recovery across the UK.

They seek to promote that rehab works and demonstrate that full abstinent recovery is a reality and aim to ensure that more people are given the chance of recovery through residential rehabilitation.

They are a growing movement of people in recovery that choose to be more vocal about our life-changing experiences. Only by speaking up can an awareness be created that full abstinent recovery is possible and help to diminish the stigma attached to addiction.

RehabGrads recognise full recovery as not merely confronting ones dependence. It is a process of re-integration back into the community. RehabGrads have seen their families reunited, settled into stable accommodation, gained sustained employment and found a new sense of purpose to their lives.

Ark house treatment centre has been one of the lead rehabilitation centres in the North East to promote the importance of residential treatment in the journey towards abstinence based recovery. The volunteers from Ark house have been figural in supporting community projects linked with addiction in their own localities once they have found their own recovery.

We have provided a visible presence of recovery and therapeutic support to groups to try and raise motivation and awareness.

If you want to become a member or have any ideas on how we could support you,please visit www.rehabgrads.org

or contact  northeastvicechair@rehabgrads.org

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