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Day Care

Ark house Rehab Limited

Day Care Treatment Program

Ark house rehab will offer a day care treatment for anyone with alcohol and drug abuse problems. The day care programme follows the same abstinence based philosophy of the residential treatment programme.

The day care programme and structure are in place to support anyone who wants to gain and maintain abstinence as part of their recovery. At ark house we feel that abstinence is a key in anyone being able to take full advantage of the therapeutic support.


A roll on roll off format

We will apply the role on role format for the programme to make sure that all of the available support and help is being used. As one person is in the process of completion we shall be in the process of preparing the next admission on to the course. We will have a certain flexibility in the size of the group to allow for any complication for people when completing the course, for instance our experience has shown us that sometimes during a transition and integration period the odd day or 1/1 session may be required for ongoing support and we feel this is vital for us to remain responsive to the individuals needs to support the maintenance of recovery and abstinence


A Client lead process

Our experience over the many years of working in the field of addiction has shown us the importance of a client led process. We pride ourselves at Ark house on meeting the needs of the individual and supporting them to find out what their recovery is going to be for them. We are a reflective and responsive team and have daily team meetings as well as supervision to maintain and nurture our ability to meet the individual person as they meet us.


Pre –admission

Before any client attends the day programme we would like them to attend our pre-admission assessment, this is a chance for them to ask questions and decide if the programme we have to offer will be appropriate for them at this time in their recovery. We will also use this assessment to explain the basic structure and guidelines to best avoid early discharge when attending the programme.


The Recovery Programme (primary)

The structure of the programme is going to mirror the quality and content of the residential treatment system that we have been using for over 17 years. The programme will run from 9am -5pm Monday to Friday for an average period of six weeks depending on the individual and how they respond to the work in this first phase. If more time is required in this phase of treatment then we work this into the care plan to best suit the person.


Morning group

The morning groups will involve theoretical and themed sessions around understanding addiction and integrating this to develop awareness and choice around individual recovery. These groups use cognitive behavioural therapy with motivational aspects to build self esteem and a pathway to maintaining recovery. This will be a shared group with all of the residential treatment centre members to encourage the powerful dynamic of group support and the power in shared experience to help members understand and relate their experiences.

Afternoon group

The afternoon groups will be used to process the information and themes from the lectures and will provide a space for individuals to explore their own understanding and gain support from their peers and therapists. This will help to develop their understanding of their personal needs in recovery and how this can be translated into their own life. The afternoon group will provide a safe and therapeutic environment to explore and process whilst being facilitated by qualified and accredited psychotherapists.


The Recovery Programme(secondary)

The secondary phase of treatment will hold relapse prevention as more of a figural theme as well as addressing more immediate presenting issues around their own personal life. In our experience we have recognised the importance of putting plans in place to support personal development on all levels, so we encourage and provide a care plan that will include personal support, developing social capital and many other areas.

This part of the programme will include

I.        Morning groups for reflection and personal recovery development. This is designed to look at relapse triggers and improving personal awareness

II.        1/1 and group therapy sessions to explore, support and maintain recovery

III.         Practical recovery plan, including work, volunteer schemes, debt management, housing issues, college etc

IV.        Work around short term and long term goals in recovery

V.        Improving support network and social capital- having experienced a supporting and nurturing environment we feel it is important to make sure this can/ is being recreated outside of the treatment centre.

VI.        To integrate into a local peer led support network that has the support of Ark house treatment centre if required ( R.I.O.T.), situated outside the treatment centre ?

Ark house treatment centre will want to maintain contact with anyone that has attended the programme to support them individually and help co-ordinate and build Scarborough’s recovery network.

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