Every Journey Starts With That First Step

Ark House describes the 12 Step’s Therapy

Ark House is a Care Home registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are licensed to work with young adults (18-65) whose primary issue is with alcohol and/or drugs.

We are a rehabilitation Unit (Fully residential) for treatment of substance misuse issues. Our Service Users are short stay, temporary.

On average people spend between 12 – 18 weeks with us, and then return mainly back to the community, though some of our Service Users are referred onto other establishments, if as a consequence of working with them, we feel they need additional help after leaving ourselves.

Every Morning our Service Users hold a meeting for ½ an hour where no staff are present. This meeting is a forum for our Service User to discuss amongst themselves, any faults and issue’s they have about the building and the service we offer, any improvements, request and suggestions that they feel might be appropriate. This is logged down and then passed through to the staff for review and discussion, feedback is always given. This information is formally reviewed. Service Users also have regular 1 to 1’s with their assigned counsellor. Feedback is also sought in these discussions as well. Also on leaving treatment, our Services Users are asked to fill in a Quality Questionnaire to give valuable feedback to us. Also as part of our aftercare service, ex-service users come back sometime after leaving, for feedback, for a chat, advice and also for additional help, we ask at this point also for feedback on our services. We also canvass feedback from our customers, mainly the Drug & Alcohol teams via Social Services who refer people through to ourselves for treatment of their substance misuse. Sometimes in conversations with their clients they gain valuable knowledge that could and does help us to improve our services.

We have a fully inclusive and clear Service User guide that is given to each service user on admission to our service. Prior to admission, each potential service user is sent or handed an Information Pack detailing the services that we offer.. We also have comprehensive Statement of Purpose available at all times.

We pride ourselves on our assessment procedure, although this does not mean that we sit on our laurels now, regarding this. We try to make the service as clear and transparent as possible what we are, what we offer, what we can do and more importantly what we definitely cannot do. We have a comprehensive information pack which is sent out to all prospective services users. We also promote that they can ring the office at any time and ask any question of us, relevant to our service, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, if it is important to them, it is important to us.

Staff are expected to adhere to counselling ethics as dictated by UKAPCI

We also insist where possible that the prospective service user visits the centre to be assessed in order that they can see the building, sense the environment, chat to existing service users and get their view point and chat to the staff. Prior to the assessment, we aim where possible to have collected as much information as possible from various sources, in order that we can develop a picture of the prospective service user and have a basic idea of their needs and requirements. We have a fully comprehensive Info pack that we send out to all perspective servive users on request. After which if someone considers accessing our establishment, we ask them to contact us by phone and book an appointment to come through to the establishment and be assessed in order for us to fully ascertain that we can meet their need of care, also at both the initial point of contact and at the assessment, the service user and their families/loved ones/friends and key workers are encouraged to ask questions in order that as fully an understanding of the program and establishment is gotten across and also that the individual has as much information available to them as possible to make a decision as to whether we are the right environment for themselves. By inviting individuals across to attend the assessment, they also get a chance to inspect the building, speak to staff and also ask questions of other service users.

All staff are fully qualified or working towards said qualifications in their fields, for example the day staff comprises of qualified psychotherapists, admin and business staff, chef’s and also maintenance staff, the night staff are also trained in first aid, NVQII in care and also administering of medication. All staff are also ex-service users themselves, regardless of what field they work in and as a consequence we feel that this can give both the profession and empathic support our service users require during their stay with ourselves.


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